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7/20/2012 Miracle Treat Day @ DQ!
What is your favorite Blizzard® Treat flavor? Mine is Chocolate w/ Reese. Pick yours up at Dairy Queen on July 26 and help children in our community on Miracle Treat Day. One dollar or more from each Blizzard® Treat sold helps Boston Children's Hospital, a Childrens Miracle Network Hospital.
Hillsborough County Balloon Festival is this weekend July 19-22 'BIG MAX' The REMAX Hot Air Baloon will be there.  The Hillsborough Balloon Festival and Fair has become a major four day event since it was created by merging the former Hillsborough Firemen's Weekend and Hillsborough Balloon Festival.  The Saturday night fireworks extravaganza is one of the premier fireworks displays in all of New Hampshire. Event Schedule:
4/9/2012 Manchester Residents - Get Your Blue Recycling Bin!!
Have you heard about the new Single Stream Recycling for Manchester?
Sign Up today Get your Big Blue Bin for Free!

The City of Manchester began a curbside dual stream recycling program back in 1996. Last year, we collected 4,400 tons of recyclables. This equates to a 10% recycling rate. With the move to single stream recycling, we hope to increase the recycling rate to 25% thus keeping approximately 10,000 tons of material out of the waste stream.
When will it start?

April 4th to 27th - carts will be delivered to all residents who currently recycle but please continue with dual stream recycling in your bins until single stream collection begins.

April 30th to May 4th - single stream recycling collection begins.

How does it work?
  Everything goes in one cart - it's that easy!
4/3/2012 Home Buying Boot Camp!

The MUST ATTEND EVENT of the SPRING if you are considering buying a home in 2012!!
for more info log on to

3/15/2012 Manchester School Ranking from NECAP Testing
mht schools
3/13/2012 Save on Your Electric Bill!

HAVE YOU HEARD OF RESIDENT POWER?Our friends at Ciardelli Fuel have introduced us to this program - you will SAVE $$$ on your current Electric Bill - and it only takes about 30 seconds to enroll!

Resident Power (RP) a member of the Freedom Energy Logistics family of companies offers residential consumers and small businesses a choice in electricity supply, a choice that can lead to reductions in the charges associated with the supply portion of their electricity bills.

Resident Power is the first energy aggregator in New Hampshire to focus exclusively on serving the residential and small business market. Through aggregation, NHs residential and small commercial consumers can pool their collective buying power and purchase power for less than the comparable utility rate.

Initially, Resident Power is offering choice to PSNH customers; predicting potential savings under its program of 5% to up to 20% on the supply portion of their electricity bills. 

Enroll to Save Today! With our friends at Ciradelli Fuel - Click Here - to enroll.



Know Your Stuff Home Inventory is a free service that will guide you. It starts with basic information about your home and your insurance provider. You can then inventory the rooms of your house. Each item you record can include a cost, purchase date and location, along with model and serial numbers. You can even include photos and scans of sales receipts.
Each item can be assigned to a room or category. Subsequent searching is easy. Goods can be found by name, room, category, purchase date or cost.Home Inventory also provides a summary. You can print the inventory, including photos,  for safekeeping.

3/6/2012 Mortgage Settlment ** Foreclosures**
MORTGAGE SETTLEMENT TO NH UPDATE!  NH borrowers who ALREADY lost their home to foreclosure from January 1, 2008 through December 31, 2011 and encountered servicing abuse The settlement stated $2000 payments but looks like NH will be giving out $1800 payments ($4.5 million total in payments slated) Looks like the "form: is up on the site now:
2/27/2012 IHop Pancake Day

We are happy to give to Childrens Miracle Network Hospitals, whether through our own campaign or events like IHOP National Pancake Day. Visit an IHOP restaurant to enjoy a free short stack and donate to the Children's Miracle Network  at the register! Find a location here: Link:
2/14/2012 Roller Derby Sponsor
We're very happy to annouce we are supporting the Granite Skate Roller Derby Team!! Check out their schedule&come see us @ the bouts!
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